Reviews from other Moms

“So wonderful, my cookies finished yesterday, today my baby show me her hungry toes, eating like hungry man, even at night, eat 3 times before morning”.
Mrs. Mojisola Williams
“Tried the cookies, it worked. God bless you for producing this for us (mothers). Going to try more, thank you. My breast milk leaks so much, it wets my top in the night”.
Mrs Nagwe Sampa
Business Woman
“I took only the cocoa mix last night and i notice the difference, I can practically feel the milk rushing”.
Mrs. Lydia Odoka
Business Woman
“Still on your product matter, it's working,just ate the cookies and it performed wonders.”
Mrs. Nana Aysha Suleiman
Fashion Designer for Kids Clothing.
“Got another set of cookies. I don’t know the magic in these cookies and I wish to know. Within 2 hours of taking 2 cookies, I noticed the rush in my breast and immediately I had to pump for the first time because the baby just sucked and was sleeping.
Mrs. Adebola Olawale
Business Woman
“Engorgement wanted to kill me when i woke up this morning, my whole bed was soaked, My bed was soaked by the time i woke up this”.
Mrs. Obi Adaeze